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Jeu marqué Butterfly ( Bleu )

Produits : Ondrej Psenicka

Jeu marqué Butterfly ( Bleu )

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Description :

"Le jeu butterfly vous permettra de réaliser des miracles impossibles avec n'importe quel autre jeu. C'est une véritable innovation en cartomagie." - Richard Kaufman (Rédacteur en chef de Genii Magazine)

Le marquage de ce jeu contient 2 principes différents qui peuvent être utlisés indépendament. Mais combinés, ils feront de vous un véritable faiseur de miracles.

 - Version : Jeu marqué Butterfly ( Bleu )

Une création signée Ondrej Psenicka

Quelques témoignages :

"This is the most ingeniously designed marked deck I have ever seen in my life! You can do miracles with this pack that cannot be performed with any other deck of marked cards. Wonderful... absolutely wonderful!"  - Daryl

"So damn clever... these butterflies are going to fly off the shelves literally."  - Doug McKenzie

"I hate you for coming up with this."  - Héctor Mancha

"A Beautiful, Brilliant Design."  - Michael Ammar

"Such a good addition to a road less traveled... GREAT JOB!"  - Daniel Garcia

"Easily one of the most creative and useful designs I've ever seen on a pack of playing cards."  - Jeremy Griffith

"Congratulations to all card workers around the world. A new era has begun."  - Johan Ståhl

"I only wish The Professor was alive to have seen this. He would've called it a masterpiece."  - Howard Hamburg

"There are many new beautiful playing card designs. However, this design will blow your mind. I can't wait to explore the endless possibilities."  - Asi Wind

"This deck is too good to be true."  - Harapan Santoso Ong

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